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The Ancestors in listform you will find here.

How did I came to this subject?

I think the key moment happened during my primary school. We had the task Vorfahrenbaumto figure out the parents and grandparents and to make a small chart. So I asked my mother. This was then done quite quickly and I think I had nuch more generations as anybody else in my class. Then I got copies of the NS-proof of ancesttry of my grandparents (from 1936) and other research fragments from other related people. And then there was this family book "Sippenbuch Hiss", which was printed in 1961 from Dr. Albert Hiß). For me those days, this was a real big amount of data related to my family, which reached 13 generations back.

Beginning of the research

Once I started searching on my own. That was not that difficult, as my grandfather lived in that village (Grossheppach) where his ancestors lived. And this village was only in 35 km distance from my home. I had a cousin second grade, which was also doing researches. She showed me how to start. She went with me to the parsonage and I made researches in those smelly, 400 year old books for the first time in my life. So I made the researches first in Grossheppach and then in villages around. In some cases I sent letters to the parish offices and ask for help who I got in many cases with no problems.

Church records centralizedVorfahrenbaum

Once, the church records were disappeared from the parish office
s, as the stadards for fire protection, climate or theft-protection was too high for them. So almost all gave their old books to the centralized church archive to Stuttgart. Then I started to rent micro films from the archive of the protestant church in Württemberg ( These you were able to  order for home and I was able to do researches at home, as long you have a possiblity to watch the micro films. Today I am searching online via the church record portal Archion ( Very easy and in good quality. You can do researches from everywhere of the world. But unfortunately not all protestant church records from Germany are available in this portal. Not yet. And the price for access is reasonable. But for sure, the musty smell of the old books is missing...
(picture: Title of baptist record of Esslingen 1629 - 1644)

Reading old wrting style

The reading of old writing styles was not that difficult for me, I must say. Ok, it was learning by doing. and I was not able to read everything (up to now it is not possible - but it is also not easy with new hand wrting styles, when I think about my own scripture ;-)
But if you know, what your are searching for, it is much easier, especially of charts. The styles are changing over the hundeds of years. And, as today, the style is different from person to person and from young and old people. Some are easy, some not. In chapter Reading old documents I put in some styles from different epoches.

Documentation of the resultsStammbaum Familie Callenius

At the beginning I wrote everything in lisft-form with a mechanical type writer. I did not had a computer. From 1986 I wrote everything - also in list-form - in my first computer with MS Word. This I am doing still in this format (see also Tips&Tricks)! And I am also doing hand-made family drawings.

In the meantime I am also using gemalogical software. This is sometimes easier to show (genealogical printing program) but especially for exchanging with other people. You will find something about my experiences also in this chapter Tips&Tricks.


I can devide my ancestors in some different roots:

1. My father'sgrandfather from father's side: Hermann Willy Callenius and his ancestors came from northern part of Hesse/Germany. All around Niddawitzhausen, Wipperode, Harmuthsachsen, Germerode, Albungen, Walburg, Neuerode, Rodebach, and for sure: Eschwege. Ancestors, see Callenius.

2. My father's grandmother from father's side: Otto Paul Emil Kath (father of Hertha Martha Kath) came the west Pommerania, which is Poland today (Województwo Zachodniopomorskie), near of Karlino (German: Körlin) and includes the villages Lenzen (Łęczno), Grüssow (Gruszewo), Dassow (Daszewo) and Alt Marrin (Mierzyn). My research results are based by 100% on the existing Proof of Ancestry from 1936. Today's researches are very difficult in this area. Some years ago I was visiting these villages on some vacation to Poland. You will find some of my impressions here: Pommern.

3. The mothers side of my grandmother (father's side): Ida Diebold (mother of Hertha Martha Kath) came half from Jungingen/Hohenzollern, the other part from Kaiserstuhl/Badish (Eichstetten).

4. Both parents of my mother's side: Hermann Jakob Mayer and Sophie Marie Stilz are coming from song established families from Großheppach, near Stuttgart. The ancestors are coming mostly from the lower part of the Rems valley (Großheppach, Schnait, Grunbach, Beutelsbach, Endersbach, Strümpfelbach).